Monday, August 31, 2009

Victory Day!

War with Do It Right For Once came to an end last night. Our best guess, and a good one at that, is that we were causing for more damage than we were receiving.

They lost over 3/4 billion in isk, mostly a handful of battleships.
We lost a frigate, a battlecruiser, and I think we nearly lost a scorpion as well.

For one day, another corp declared war on us as well, and teamed up with Do It Right, by camping outside our station and setting up a login trap. We never fell for it, and that war expired as well.

Either way, we had a lot of fun popping their battleships. We'll be seeing you in lowsec guys! Haha.

Now with war out of the way, I'm back to exploring again. I've already recouped my minor losses from the war (plus I have a stockpile of faction resists and implants to sell yet), so my wallet is sitting pretty. Sure, I lost one bc to the war, but I have 3 new replacements ready to go at a moments notice.

I even tried my hand at some exploring in lowsec yesterday, which was very interesting. I ran a Gurista Scout Outpost, which is the same as in hisec really, and I also found a Gurista Outpost.
This was a bit different affair, and I ended up overheating the hardeners on my poor drake to get through this one.

It's two rooms, mostly battlecruisers, cruisers, and frigates. Some of the frigs warp scramble.
Once the first room is cleared, you can proceed to the second.

I still had several rats to kill when the Dread Gurista cruiser spawned, perhaps this was triggered by approaching the gurista control center that was behind the asteroid. I also got an escalation as well. Unfortunately I didn't get the final escalation, but I wasn't ready to go into 0.0 so I happily walked away with the low-grade crystal implant.

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