Monday, August 24, 2009

Haven't been on much lately as I've been moving, but when I finally got logged back in, I hadn't missed all that much.

The new changes to the scanning interface are a big improvement. The War is still on, although the other side's ceo forgot to pay the bill and had to re-declare war again. My corpmates have been camping the station that ceo is docked in. I haven't been too concerned, but for the most part my tengu is usually ready for pvp encounters anyways.

As CCP has been changing some of the dynamics of exploration, I have been changing my tactics as well. Many have noticed it is now harder to find the combat exploration sites, and it seems only a small percentage are now either escalating or dropping any faction loot of value.

Thus lately I have also been changing the way I approach combat sites. For both Guristas Watch, and Gurista's Vigil, I now make sure to have both Guristas Silver and Gold tags in my cargo, so that I can completely bypass the first room.

Not only does this save time, as there is now a good chance you won't get anything or even an escalation, but you've left a distraction behind if someone else finds the site. You could be nearly finished the second room before they figure out the gate is unlocked, or get through the rats in the first room.

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