Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moar Afterburner!

My exploration ship dropped out of warp, and landed at the first gate. There, floating just a few clicks away, is a buzzard. Interesting, I thought.

Someone else had found this 'Guristas Watch' already. This could be fun. I entered the first gate.
The first room was littered with wrecks, and it was clear whoever was here had moved on. I warped through the second gate.

Warped right ontop of a hurricane, taking its sweet time with the rats! I took a fast scan of the area and noted that the main structure hadn't been attacked yet, so I had a chance!

The Frklator fired its heavy missiles at the structure as it burned towards the building at top speed. Instantly, the overseer and his goons spawned, and I switched targets to the overseer.

I got jammed, and waited with my heart pumping like crazy for 20 seconds to pass. I checked to see what my compadre in the hurricane was doing, and I can tell you he wasn't moving or shooting the overseer, because moments later it popped to my missiles, as did the dread gurista ship that arrived moments afterwards. As I had burned my way to the manufacturing plant I was already in looting range. Score!

To be honest, there wasn't anything of significant value in this haul, but my friend the hurricane didn't know that. Moments later, and additional Cerberus class cruiser warped in, and I found myself targeted.

Of course I had the upper hand, I had range, a decent tank, and a few other surprises up my sleeve as well. More importantly, I hadn't technically stolen anything, so the best they could hope for is a suicide ganking if they wanted to bring the wrath of CONCORD on them. They chose wisely, and backed off.

I have one lesson for you guys: Moar afterburner. Time and time again I find myself warping into these combat sites, and find myself able to race to the target faster, and grab the loot faster. I'm not even using a tractor beam FFS!

So this is the first short story I will blog about here, and it is my hope to share some stories of my experiences in the field of Exploration. Besides the statistical information, I'll also share strategy, and tactics that have helped me earn billions in loot.

And as my adventures as an explorer are not just limited to solo work, you can expect that I will often digress on tales with my corpmates, the Frontier United Corp Klan.

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