Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I started exploration about two months back when I got tired of level 4 missions. Some of them take a long time, and if I do not have time to complete them I did not like the standing hits. I found exploration to be much more RL-friendly, so I decided that this would be my new eve profession.

I'm certain there's thousands of better explorers out there than me. Some people have scanning alts, covops ships, all kinds of wonderful stuff. Me? I have no alts. I can't afford another account, so my main character is it. At the time, I was only around 7 or so million sp, so I was pretty much limited to t1 ships as well. So I started with a drake equipped with a core probe launcher.

I fit my exploration drake as well I could, considering that an afterburner is a must, and I also wanted a warp disruptor.

Just what kind of explorer needs a point on their exploration ship? The bastard kind. Now I haven't had anyone fast enough to get to the faction loot before me yet, but when it does happen, they're going nowhere except in a pod. The disruptor will also be handy for the times when I loot from someone elses faction wreck, which lately has been happening more frequently. Oddly, no one wants to engage a tengu solo.

In my next few posts, I'll detail some of the more common high-sec combat exploration missions, as well as some of the bizaar things that have happened within them.

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