Thursday, August 27, 2009

War Report Part 3

Not everyone posts there killmails, but some things are nice to see.

For instance, on Battleclinic, the corp Do It Right For Once, has taken 1.7 billion isk in damage in its lifetime. Half of this was done by our corp Frontier United. And out of that, nearly 3/4 of the loss falls under their CEO, PrimaryIS. What started out as boring station games is! We're starting to worry that he might back out soon, or worse, move away from his (and our) Hq. We might just have to do a bit of wardeccing ourselves.

Which brings up a rather sage piece of advice, don't S*** where you eat. Or, more recently, THIS IS GAME!!!!!!

Also they're dropping a lot of nice loot. The other day we couldn't be bothered to even collect the remaining 800 cap boosters left behind, and the can sat for quite some time in front of the station.

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