Monday, August 17, 2009

The War Report Part 1

Well, with the preparation all done, we were all pretty excited to see what our war with 'Do it Right For Once' or whatever, would bring.

On the first day of the war the aggressing CEO camped in front of one of our home stations in a Harby, so two or three of my corpmates and I undocked to exchange a few missiles. Only a few shots got off before he warped off.

He docked and came back in a tempest, and it wasn't long before I found myself fully neuted, and his drones approaching. Still, I had power for dc2, and I was hardly taking any shield damage (even with the hardeners off the tengu has nice resists!). I guess I had some time between his neut cycles because I didn't have any problem firing up my mwd and getting out of his guns and drone range. I can imagine this pissed him off to no end. Sweet tengu kill right in his grasp....and then gone.

We played the station games a few more times, he would undock, we'd hit him, he'd dock, and once my corpmates nearly got him as he was down to about 20 percent structure. Still, no kills on either side, and I don't think we saw any of his corpmates until today.

I do remember though that he brought several outlaws in, possibly to remote rep him, or tempt us into firing on them, but we didn't fall for it.

So I went back to exploring for the next couple of days, and finally today we see an enemy corpmate logged in, 21 jumps away. What the hell, a few of us decided to go and say hello.
We got 2 jumps away when he then logged off. Surprise surprise. Still, we had some fun, and saw a few big battles occur in some lowsec systems. We even engaged a couple pirates at a gate before we were overwhelmed by a rather large pirate fleet.

There were probably eight or nine reds, in everything from battlecruisers to carriers, and me and a corpmate ended up losing a couple drakes. Not before we popped one of their harbingers though.

So, whereas 'Do it Right for Once' or whatever did not manifest itself for battle, the folks at Black Souls and V O O D O O definitely did stick around for a good fight :)

Some pvp experience can be invaluable to a serious explorer. Even moreso if you ever plan on doing exploration in lowsec, which I will get around to eventually (not just escalations). If I learned one valuable lesson today, it was, don't hug the gate if you are engaging a target. Try to get as far as possible without losing scram on your target. That way, when all his buddies get to the gate, you have some distance to buy you time.

And less likely a need to clean your shorts.

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