Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guristas Vigil

Site normally found anywhere in hisec, with new scan dynamics its challenging to scan down, even with a ship with scanning bonuses.

First room: Gate in first room may require Guristas Silver or Guristas Gold tag. First room may contain some rats, but no triggers I've found so far. I usually just ignore them.

Second room: kill the stasis towers first to regain mobility. You will need to kill all the rats. As you do this, I recommend afterburning to the dust cloud just behind and to the left of the 'space stonehenge' structure. This is near where all respawns will be. I'd also recommend taking a couple potshots at both gurista transmitters, they may or may not be triggers, but I've found that after I've killed all the rats, the respawn usually occurrs after I've hit them.

The last spawn usually generates a dread gurista cruiser, with a chance at dropping some decent faction loot or a t2 implant, and possibly escalate.

A final note, there is another gate in this room, but for me, it's always gone no where.

Escalation: Something about kidnappers?

There will be around 3 simple escalation sites that you can pretty much ignore all the rats and take out the faction spawn to continue. The final escalation will be in lowsec.

Final Escalation: in lowsec, you will go to a station surrounded by rats. Kill the rats, and attack the station. It will spawn more rats as you attack it, usually in two waves. The final wave with the overseer spawn will not appear until the station is in its last 5% structure. Sometimes, not at all.

The station has a massive amount of EHP. You will be there for quite a while hitting it, even longer if you are being hunted by pirates, or warping to safespots. Best bet is to take something like a drake with a big load of t2 missiles (the faster you bring the station down the faster you get out), and a cloak. Keep your eyes on local, and watch directional for probes. Once those rats are killed at least you can cloak if there's trouble in system.

Loot varies, tbh it's been a mixed bag for me. Once I got a pithi a-type small shield booster, but I've also gotten Worm blueprints, and last time, as though some kind of an insult, 15 civilians. I can't remember why I didn't jettision them (oh the irony!). I've heard rumours that people have gotten blueprints for faction cruisers as well but that's unconfirmed.

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  1. Just ran this, and took me a good half hour of shooting before the overseer spawned. And his wreck was empty.... damn it. The escalation chain dropped a Low-Grade Crystal Epsilon though, worth ~100mil.