Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The War Report Part 2

Last night saw a much better fighting session with our war targets. What started off as a repeat of the previous days station games became a skirmish at the gate to funtown.

2 Armageddon's vs a drake, a scorp, and a frig, apparently not all at once. The three of us just couldn't co-ordinate our actions fast enough, and by the looks of things we got chewed up one at a time (I think the scorp made it back to base in structure). I tried to stall one of them on the other side of the gate in funtown, but he went back through to the isi side to rep his ceo, and I had to burn a lot of cap to close the 60km distance back to the gate. By the time I made it back through, it was too late, and my corpmates were finished, and I was out of cap. It was a good fight, and I look forward to having more like that, while hopefully being on the winning side.

Looks like I missed the final battle of the evening, where the enemy CEO lost his tempest, probably the same that had my tengu, the Frklator, fully neuted before I managed to escape.

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