Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Been a bit quiet lately

A fried video card will do that to you.

Our corp finished up our last war, not much to talk about there.

More importantly, I've actually started to get into some lowsec exploration, so I'm hoping I'll have some good encounters to read about really soon.

Well, there was one near-encounter that got my heart beating faster...it happened in a lowsec system, there was only one other person in lowsec with me, and I had picked up a tengu on directional. I fit a pvp-oriented battlecruiser, and scanned down a Gurista Provisional Outpost site. I got to the first room, all the rats had been killed, by the tengu pilot! The hunt was on, I burned as fast as I could to the gate.

Alas, when I got to the next room, I was too late. He had just started to salvage the faction wreck, and as soon as he saw me he ran. I graciously finished salvaging the wreck and got some nice t2 salvage.

This marks the second time I've had an encounter with a tengu, but the lastest was actually the most tense: I had found a gurista scout outpost in hisec, and it was already being done by a tengu and a manticore. I warped to the second room, the tengu was salvaging the rats as they popped them. I unloaded my missiles as fast as I could at the satellite dish, and behold, I killed it before they did.

The manti fled the scene immediately (to get a bigger ship maybe?) but both my tengu and his were burning full speed to the can, and we both got there at the same time.

Practically nose to nose, I opened the can and retrieved the effects and two faction resists. The other tengu had decided not to risk it.

And rightly so. I'd already targeted him, so he would not be escaping. I had some really good dps on my side, and I knew for certain he had both a tractor and a salvager installed, so he couldn't hope to break my tank without help.

We both warped off, and I, uh, said 'thanks' in local for the help in finishing the site :)

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