Friday, November 13, 2009

Luck of the Draw

Explorers in eve will know that the most tedious part of the job is finding the site.
Something everyone in hisec likely knows has been getting progressively harder these last several months. More explorers = less sites to find, more competition, more loot stealing, more risk of pvp (yes even in hisec).

Several times in the last month I've warped into an exploration combat site to find it is already being done, and by much more heavily equipped players. I'm seeing a lot of t3 cruisers. Every advantage you can get seems to count.

I warped into a Gurista Watch and saw an odd-looking tengu blasting at the rats in the first room. Lucky for me, I had a gurista tag in my hold so I used it to warp to the next room and grab the faction loot (Yoink!). I was already out and gone for nearly 20 minutes before a chat window popped up asking how I had done this. To be a good sport, I told him how I'd done it, and what I had gotten (Dread gurista EM shield hardener)

Last night I found something that really peaks an explorers interest....I warped into a system, alone in local, and 9 signatures in close proximity. A veritable gold mine!!!

9 Frakkin Magnetic sites, which everyone knows in hisec they are worthless. That's the luck of the draw.


  1. More explorers does not mean less sites to find. Sites respawn when they're done. It will mean more competition and the sites will be shorter term and more transient, but there will still be the same amount of stuff out there as there is now.

  2. True that...I believe the GM's have said that the number of sites is generally static, sometimes the trick is finding and visiting the systems off the beaten track to see where they've congregated.

    This mechanic hasn't likely changed, but statistically, in populated systems where I've explored with success in the past few months, there has been a marked increase of circumstances where I got there and someone else is already doing the site (not that this stops me)