Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A decent haul

Last night was probably the best haul I've had in that short a time. It started when I found a Gurista's hideout combat site, which I reluctantly decided to do after finding nothing else in system. It escalated to several jumps away, so I decided to scan down all the systems inbetween escalations. In total I ended up with two more gurista hideouts, 1 which also escalated, a gurista scout outpost, an several radar sites. Also I had gone to the anomaly 'gurista forlorn hideaway' to kill some rats while scanning a system down, and got a drop from a dread gurista ship there too (nice t2 implant).

In less than two hours, I had netted a Worm BPC, 1 faction shield resist, 1 dread gurista em shield hardener, 1 low-grade crystal delta implant, and quite a number of decryptors and datacores.

In total about 250 million isk not counting the faction mods and bpc which I kept (for dominion!)
Oddly, most of this exploration occurred in high traffic systems with 50+ in local. Guess the odds were in my favour ;)

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