Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dominion and Exploration

With less than 2 weeks left before Dominion I've been wondering quite a bit how this will impact explorers.

The impact on high sec exploration should be negligable, but I am suspecting several shifts in the market. For instance, I'm holding onto any faction frigate blueprints I find, usually Worms. Right now a Worm can sell for over 50 million, but after dominion? Who knows. Higher demand means higher price, right? Many of the other faction mods I find might fluctuate in price once things stabilize in nullsec as well.

I've heard a few of the changes in dominion are meant to be appealing to explorers as well. As part of the sovereignty changes theres new structures that improve the odds of combat sites spawning in your 0.0 systems. Personally I'm doubting this will have any noticeable impact. Even if you are part of an alliance holding a lot of space, that's a lot of capital to invest in all those structures. That's a pretty small niche for that much upkeep.

In this case I'm hoping that Dominion causes alliance sovereignty to shrink, thereby opening a lot of 0.0 space up for more, um, neutral access. If the major alliances, especially those I could be hostile to, are concentrated in a smaller number of systems I might just be tempted to start exploring in nullsec.

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  1. The reduction in requirements for hacking and archeology will have an impact on how many people are able to run radar/magno sites, and this in turn will impact the high sec markets due to an increased amount of stuff appearing on the market. Unless demand also increases, then we'll see a price crash on decryptors, as unlike salvage and datacores, exploration site are the only real source...