Friday, November 20, 2009

Almost Epic Failure

Well I can't say I had my ass handed to me, but a couple nights ago I was the target of some good gloating by another explorer.

It happened as I was on my way back to homebase, with a cargo hold nearly full of loot and salvage (mostly faction) gathered during a few days of exploring. I didn't even have much room left for the full range of missiles I usually cart around. That was my first mistake.

I scanned down a gurista scout outpost, and warped to it. As I got into the first room, I saw an ishkur pop the last rat. He was pretty close to me, and I should have paid attention to how fast he was going when we both raced to the gate to the final room.

In the second room, he sped off towards the satellite dish, and I started firing at the dish immediately. By the time I got there, he was already there as well, so when my missiles finally popped the station, a split-second frenzy insued to see who could loot the can first.

I lost, but not before seeing the prize, a pithum c-type shield booster. Mr. Ishkur instantly went flashy red, and I responded in kind with my warp disruptor. Mistake number 3: no web. Perhaps this also goes with mistake number 4, no precision or faction EM missiles. With the kinetic resists the only precision missiles I had just weren't cutting it. Still, I fired anyways. This far away from the warp-in spot I was not worried about any of his friends coming in.

In short order, he was 60km away, and smacking in local. All I would tell him was, "Well played".

We both warped away, and I made my way back to homebase. I made some corrections to my fit and ammo loadout. Seems like I'll be swapping out the codebreaker for the web and switch back and forth as needed.

The irony of all this is, the next day I undock from homebase, drop probes, and scan a gurista scout outpost right outside the station. And just my luck, I got a pithum c-type medium shield booster.

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  1. I suppose I should mention that in Jita the average selling price for a Pithum c-type shield booster is above 400 million isk.